OAN investigation reveals former EPA official Kevin Chmielewski's troubled background

A One America News investigation into the EPA's former deputy chief of staff for operations, Kevin Chmielewski, reveals many problems that would prevent him from serving in the administration. Chmielewski, who it the top suspect responsible for damaging leaks about his old boss EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, submitted resume to the administration that stated that he had served four years in the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard verified for One America News that Chmielewski served for 10 months and was discharged following a demotion from seaman apprentice to seaman recruit. Other troubling matters for Chmielewski are his arrest and conviction for drunk driving in 2013, his unpaid court judgment for more than $1,000 and his relationship with former American Idol contestant Haley Davis, a relationship she ended when she learned about his wife and children.

(Source: One America News Network, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0_x7ZzO8ho)