Making Saturday Night Live Funny For Everyone (Not Just Black People) (HBO)

Sam Jay is one of SNL’s newest staff writers, but she hasn’t had one of her sketches air yet. She’s also working on how she can introduce her own unique voice into the broader SNL tradition. “Like urban culture stuff, gay culture stuff…women stuff, that they may not necessarily have their pulse on,” she says. “Just who I am, you know what I mean?”

Kenan Thompson remembers this feeling. He’s been on SNL for 15 seasons, making him the longest-serving cast member in the history of the show, but he still remembers how nervous he was when he started.

He also remembers when the show wasn’t nearly as diverse.

Dexter Thomas met up with Sam Jay and Kenan Thompson in New York to hear about the challenges of making Americans – all of them – laugh.

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